Sustainable Bishopston’s local noticeboards on Gloucester Road

The story behind our TWO new Sustainable Bishopston noticeboards.

In spring 2008 we reported the successful council funding bid by the
Sustainable Bishopston group. The major works are now completed and not
one but two new local noticeboards have arrived on Gloucester Road to keep
local people informed of events and information!

The group wanted to support the local shops that form the heart of our
neighbourhood while discouraging extra traffic that clogs and pollutes the
neighbourhood – the solution: promoting sustainable transport in the area
around Gloucester Road, and other local information.

This was developed into a funding bid by the Sustainable Bishopston group.
Putting positive, sustainable transport alternatives into practice was the
focus – how to make it easier to travel around St Andrews and Bishopston
without relying on cars and all the attendant pollution, congestion and
safety issues.

The group applied to the city council’s Neighbourhood Transport
Initiatives fund to take action locally. We were successful in getting all
the funds we asked for which was a great result! The cheque arrived in
March 2008 and we then got to work to deliver our proposal to:

  • design and create an eyecatching sustainable transport noticeboard on Gloucester Road;
  • site more cycle stands along the road near the main shops
  • hold a number of launch and publicity events in the neighbourhood with other groups involved in local sustainable transport, cycling and sustainability.

Following invitations to artists and consultations the group commissioned local sculptor Julian Warren to design a unique, hand made stainless steel noticeboard. This has now been completed and in May 2009 was sited by 171 Gloucester Road, with the agreement of the local supermarket manager and their landlord. Its main feature is a representation of the distinctive Gloucester Road skyline (inspired by the wonderful G.R.A.B logo designed by local artist Sophie Swindells), with a cycle below.

A condition of the grant was to bring back into use an old wooden board sited at the south end of Gloucester Road on the Promenade. This has now also been completely refurbished and brought back into use. So our high street now has noticeboards at both ends of the main shopping area that are being maintained by the group. These will be used to promote sustainable travel and publicise our group, as well as events by other local organizations of interest to residents, where possible.

Thanks to additional support from the city council cycle team we also arranged the siting of not just half a dozen but two dozen extra cycle stands for shoppers – all the sites we identified as most suitable and agreed with the cycling team of the council. The great news is these have all been in regular use since they were fitted which shows the extent of additional demand there has been for secure, convenient stands. We are also holding several launch events to promote the new initiative to residents of Bishopston and St Andrews.

As always we welcome more residents to join our group to put other practical projects into action that will benefit from a better local environment!
Martin Fodor, Sustainable Bishopston

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