WATER (Dan Green of Wessex Water)

Each person uses on average 150 litres of water for every day.

The water industry tries to maintain a balance between profit and ethics. It is monitored by Ofwat and observes the Biodiversity Action Plan for species protection. It is aware of its own carbon footprint and sources renewable energy. It produces gas from sewage […]

The joy of sprouting

A lot of people already know and enjoy sprouting. This is a quick introduction (and a bit of sprout evangelism) for anybody who doesn’t.


Our Carbon Footprints

Calculating our own carbon footprint is something that we all can do. It will quickly increase awareness of how we personally compare with national & international averages and where our efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption are best made. It also enables monitoring of the effect of making such changes.


Home Energy

In the UK about 30% of national energy use, and 28% of greenhouse emissions, come from domestic energy consumption (figures for 2000, see Mayer Hillman’s book).


Climate Change

The impact of human activity on earth’s ecosystems has been an issue for at least fifty years, but it is only recently that the magnitude of the problems we face have become appreciated outside of the scientific community.