About Us

  • Our group started in 2006 as a result of concern about climate change and the depletion of world resources. We feel that neither government nor business is responding seriously enough and that the time for action is long overdue. We are a community group run by Bishopston residents and are striving to work with other local groups and with Transition Bristol, part of the Transition Towns Network.
  • Our aims include awareness raising for ourselves and others about sustainability issues, encouraging and initiating local projects and participating in consultation. We believe that local actions driven by sustainability concerns can make a big difference to the immediate neighbourhood and do influence government and business. And giving attention to your own ‘footprint’ can actually be a positive experience.
  • If you want to get involved in Sustainable Bishopston’s activities, or have a question you can come along to one of the evening talks, contact us for further information or join us. Joining will enable you to sign up to our Google email group, which will keep you in touch with our activities in more detail.
  • Individually we can make a difference; together we can make a change!

Sustainable Bishopston formed in response to a urgent felt need for action on climate change, with the intention of harnessing a local collective will to create real changes in our community.  It is acknowledged that changes both big and very small can make a difference, lifestyle changes motivated by carbon footprint  reduction can as a by-product also improve quality of life.  We work on behalf of  future generations as well as ourselves.

  • Gathering Information. Developing our knowledge of: the science of climate change and other sustainability issues; less environmentally demanding products; recycling; energy conservation and sustainable production; transportation; food and other consumer issues; and the psychology of lifestyle and cultural change.
  • Sharing & Supporting. Sharing ideas and information within the group, local community and others and supporting each other  to adopt more sustainable lifestyle practices.
  • Networking. Developing links and working with local groups including schools and environmental organisations.
  • Initiating  Projects. Trying out ourselves and evaluating sustainable practices and technologies with the aim of adopting more environmentally sound individual and family lifestyles.  Supporting, promoting and initiating projects in the local community.
  • Corresponding with ‘decision makers’. Corresponding individually and as a group with influential people at local, national and international level.